Natalie: D-Day!

November 25, 2010

Today I had my first exam. last night I was so exhausted I couldn’t study a minute more. Exhausted from studying! I’ve never studied so much… EVER!

We had 4 hours to answer one of 2 questions, I chose this one:
Describe shortly what Schanbacher means by the concepts food security and food sovereignty. Then discuss different strategies of reducing hunger in the world. Finally, state shortly your view on the most effective strategy in this respect.

Oh boy. My heart was definatly beating a bit faster, but I knew this stuff and thought I knew exactly how to attack it. Unfortunatley after what I thought was 1 hour, 3 hours had passed. Oops! Now 1 hour left to write 3/4 of the argument I still had to make. Lets just say the conclusion didn’t go so swell. It was odd also because all of the directions for the exam were given in Norwegian. Nice. So it was left on the little old lady who was assigned to watch us to translate for us. It was also weird because we were allowed to leave the room, even go outside with that woman following us… not that I had time for that, but just saying. We were also allowed to have food, maybe another one of the reasons for overestimating 4 hours. The clementines are sooo good here! I needed about 4 more to make the points I wanted to. Oops.
1 down, 2 to go!

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