Andrea: Moving in

January 13, 2011

I arrived at my flat at 9 this morning, had oodles of fun lugging my suitcase up a flight of stairs, and unlocked the door (after finally getting the key unstuck from the lock) to my new place:

Living room/Lounge

This is the kitchen where we will cook and wash our clothes. hmm...

I didn’t know we’d be given a DVD player, so that’s pretty cool, although I don’t have any DVDs that would play in this region. The students that were here before us left us some books! I’m glad they left a map of the underground stations as well as some travel books. To the left is one of two bathrooms. The other one is connected to one of the bedrooms…
I was the first of my flat to arrive so I was lucky enough to choose my bedroom for my roommates and myself. I found this one and settled in:


I heard that the weather on the east coast of the US is pretty bad right now and a lot of flights were either cancelled or delayed for many CAPA students. Well, I wish them luck and I hope that they arrive soon. After I got myself unpacked, I was taken on a walking tour of the area with a CAPA staff member. She showed me where some good places to eat out are, the local grocery stores, and also took me and some girls living below me to the CAPA center, where my classes will be located, which is just a 10 minute walk. Later on, some flatmates and I went out for fish and chips. All in all, I’m loving it here.

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