Eric: Welcome! Benvenuti!

January 18, 2011

My name for all who do not already know is Eric Orton. I am currently a student at the University of Minnesota, studying business and marketing at the college of education and human development.

The reason for this blog is to share my experiences while studying abroad in Rome, Italy this spring semester.  I am participating in a program offered by the Learning Abroad Center (LAC) at the UofM Twin Cities campus. Seeing as this is going to be my first experience in Europe I am quite excited and nervous to embark on my journey.

So far I have been very pleased with the process of applying, consulting, and the preparation steps that the LAC has designed. Emelee Volden the Rome coordinator has been excellent every step of the way, and without her work and kindness the process would have not been as stress-free.  Jessica Hartnett handled all the details and all questions that I had emailed to her were answered promptly, and all issues were handled without confusion.

For anyone contemplating studying abroad I encourage you to do some exploring on the LAC website (www.umabroad.umn.edu).  All of the pertinant information is listed clearly on the website and it is very user friendly.  Although the website is fantastic there is no substitute for face to face consultation. The LAC has convenient walk-in hours where they go over the basic need to know information about learning abroad, but if you have program specific questions and concerns it is best to set up an appointment by emailing the LAC.

If you have any desire to gain a new perspective on life while earning college credit look into studying abroad, although I have not yet embarked on my journey the process of applying and the realization that this is actually happening have already added to my character.

Well, I suppose I should continue packing and bolstering my music collection before I head out!

Ciao! Arrivederci!


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