Anna: Getting started

January 20, 2011

I am slowly moving into the daily life of a Florentine. I finally mastered a way to get to school, however, when it comes to everything else I am totally lost. I ask for directions and definitely feel like an idiot but hey it’s better than walking around for hours! I have found that not that many people speak English. But I guess my Italian 1 skills will hopefully pay off eventually when I ask simple questions. Taking a whole new language has been interesting. There are some things that are similar to spanish like numbers…and then some things that are totally different. I am slightly confused but everyone is. I am sure things will improve though. It is funny because everyone keeps saying “I have to go to Spanish class” when they actually mean Italian. Some people slip and say “adios” too instead of “ciao”.

The other night we went out to eat and I ate pasta with bolognese sauce which is like a meat sauce. The portions are huge here and no doggie bags so it makes me sad being a poor student and only eating half! Another reason why I should be splitting my meals. After we went to a big bar with music playing. It was a fun time and I got to meet more abroad students. The Italian PDA here is crazy, people all over each other everywhere. It is disgusting so I try to ignore it!

In between classes I stopped at a bakery and bought a Beignet. It is basically a puff pastry with cream on the inside and on top covered in fresh strawberries. So delicious. I think I am going to have to resist myself in that department.

Best thing I have done school-wise all week is drop a class! I was in a class called Modern Italy and the first day of class the Professor told us about a 15 page paper. So what do I do instead? Take watercolor! This should be interesting. Haven’t taken it since junior high but if I remember correctly it was the one thing I was a little bit decent at. It sounds therapeutic and hopefully will make me appreciate the art shown in my art history class more!

Since I am staying in Florence this weekend I have plans to walk to the top of the Duomo, and maybe Piazza Michelangelo. San Lorenzo market is also on the top of my list!

More stories later after the weekend. CIAO!


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