Kelly: Crema de cacahuete

January 23, 2011

So I needed to buy shampoo and toiletries, right? My madre took me to the mall a block from our house so the SuperMaxi could fulfill all my needs… as far as shampoo and toothpaste go, anyway. (side note: toiletries are EXPENSIVE compared to food in Ecuador. Interesting.) So we found what we needed and were strolling through one of the food aisles to the checkout. We stopped by the peanut butter and my madre asked if I wanted some; she seemed a bit persistent that we get it, so I said that I liked it and would eat it (the chunky kind, obviously).

When we sat down for dinner that night, my padre and hermana were “trying” the peanut butter by taking one little peanut chunk each and cautiously putting it in their mouths. Then the lid quickly went back on the jar and the jar was set closest to me. Every time anyone pulls out the condiments now, they set the peanut butter right in front of me. Haha, they were so polite when I asked if they liked it. I think my madre passed that question off actually.

I feel obligated to go through a whole jar in the next 6 weeks. That wouldn’t be hard if I was cooking for myself, but it’ll take some doing since there is always delicious (mostly vegetarian) food being set in front of me. Did I tell you yet that mis padres own a restaurant? Yep. Que chevere!


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