Kelly: montañas

January 25, 2011

I went mountain hiking/climbing/traversing today! It took my breath away—from the altitude and the spectacular views (excuse the joke). The pictures do the scenery no justice at all.

Rachel, Adam, and I took a taxi (my first taxi ride in Ecuador) to the cable car (Teleférico—the longest in the world) to 4,100 m. We figured we hiked up to about 4,500 m. The hike up took 2.5 hours and the way down took considerably less time. It was fantastic.

There was one point where we were climbing fairly steep rocks—you could call it a cliff in honesty, I think—and I started to freak out (plus I was already a little light-headed from the altitude and looking down). I had to talk to myself out loud to get myself back down the ledge… which is harder to do than going up it.  I hope there will be more time for playing in the mountains. I still am having a difficult time believing that what I saw/did was real.

Click to view slideshow.

After we got to “Quito-level,” we found a restaurant in the touristy area of town and I ordered my first beer here. The Pilsner comes in a glass liter bottle (recycled, I believe) and costs $1.43. Although in reality it’s pretty watery, it was perfect for the moment.

Again, I have failed to read my homework and will be up later than I want to skimming the articles. But really, who wants to do academic work when there are mountains to explore!!


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