Eric: Excerpt from reflection essay

February 8, 2011

So I have not really been out and about all the much recently due to my studies occupying much of my time, but I feel that this essay would be appropriate to include here in my blog.  The essay is a reflection paper in which the assignment is to relate a song to your experiences.  The song that I chose is an amazing instrumental piece by Rodrigo Y Gabriella called “Tamacun.” Here’s a link to the Youtube page where you can listen to the song if you want to read the entry while you listen to it.

“This song is fast pace and melodic.  The two guitarists play Spanish style scales at break neck speed in perfect harmony.  Gabriella plays rhythm while Rodrigo plucks the melody.  When I listen to this song I feel as I am a water droplet coursing through the Tiber River on my way to the sea.  The pace of Rome also pulses in harmony while retaining a calming quality through laughter and warmth.  Children play with confetti in preparation for Carnival as loving parents look on in admiration of a life they created.  Scooters, cars, busses and cyclists vie for position on the many streets as pedestrians navigate them with cautious confidence.  The song is instrumental devoid of lyrics, but it is able to convey a message that is felt rather than said.  I am not an experienced Italian speaker therefore most of my interactions with the Roman residence have been non verbal.  Although I have not been able to convey my message concisely though an exchange of dialogue I am able to hint at my meaning though gesture.   At times it can be frustrating to be unable to say what I feel and ask for things that I need, but this frustration motivates me to push my limits in order to quickly learn a new language and culture.  I have only been in the country for a few weeks now but with the help of my host family and the friends I have met through the program I feel that I am adapting well to the escalating pace of my life in a land that I am not native to.  I find myself wondering how I am viewed by the locals that I meet and am forced to interact with.  It is easy to feel ostracized due to the fact that I am unable to fully understand the conversations I overhear, but I try to remind myself that this is natural and to relax while enjoying my experiences for what they are.  The song “Tamacun” is a reminder to me that there are no short cuts in life.  I understand that if Rodrigo and Gabriella got frustrated while they were learning to play the guita  and simply gave up, the beautiful piece of music I am relating my experiences to would not exist.  With practice comes perfection, and I am determined to take this semester in stride in order to grow slowly and without frustration.”


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