Kadie: Ahlan Ila Al-Magrheb!!

February 18, 2011

I am OFFICIALLY on Moroccan soil!! And I couldn’t be happier or more excited or more ready to begin this next chapter. BUT before I move on to everything Moroccan, let me give a quick re-cap of my last couple weeks.

Getting to Morocco was…long. I came from Spain, where I had been traveling. I took a bus from Malaga to Algeciras. Then I walked from the bus station in Algeciras to the Port in Algeciras. Then I boarded a ferry that went from Algeciras to Tangier, Morocco. Then I took another bus from the Port of Tangier, to the Train station in Tangier. Then I got on a train in Tangier, headed south for Rabat. Then I hopped in a taxi, and FINALLY, arrived at my destination. And this destination turned out to be the cosiest little Riad, and, before saying a quick, two-second hello to the woman who greeted me at the door, I was ATTACKED with the world biggest and most emoitional hug. My MA!!!!!!! She arrived a couple hours before I did, and so was anxiously awaiting my arrival. I haven’t seen her face since the day I left the states, which was a good 7 months ago. And our reunion, like I said, was emotional and so exciting. We both had so much to tell each other that we were talking over each other all night. We had this AMAZING Moroccan meal at our Riad that night, and spent the next day in Casablanca. (we also just watched the classic movie of the same name tonight haha). Casa was so cool, and we had the perfect day. It was warm and sunny and had absolutely stunning views of the Atlantic. While we were easily distracted by our photo taking sessions and beach-promenade walks, it was a hard day. It will always be a hard day, but having my mom there to share it with was an indescribable pleasure.

A few days ago, we took the train to Fes. I wish I could say it was a more exciting day, but the Train was long, and it was raining alllll day. My arrival in to this city in which I’ll be living in now until the end of May was a little anti-climactic to say the least, but..I’m HERE. And I can’t wait to start seeing all that I can with my ma by my side. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain again, but that’s okay…we’ll be checking out a local Hammam. I am SO excited to see just how much foreign-ness I can get my mom to put up with. Haha…

The next few days are sure to be some of my favorites. I’m already having the greatest time with one of my all-time favorite people in the world. And then NEXT WEEK my orientation starts!! AHHH!!! Its all going so fast…..

I know one thing for sure though..I’ve already fallen for Morocco. It stole my heart on that first train ride from Tangier, when we needed to stop on the tracks to let the herd of sheep cross. I am back in the Arab world baby.

Can’t wait to post more updates and pictures! I hope everyone had a good Valentines Day…again, it never ceases to amaze me how much love and support I and my family have been blessed with. I would have never made it this long without any of it, that’s for sure.

Until next time y’all…

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