Anna: Trip to Czech Republic

April 1, 2011
Last weekend I took an overnight bus to Prague, Czech Republic with a friend from high school, Elizabeth Mountain. It was so so nice to catch up with her, we had a long bus ride to do so too! Butt was a little sore, but it wasn’t too horrible and definitely the cheaper option.

On our first day we did a free walking tour, which was a little slow and we ended up leaving and went to go try our first steins of Czech beer. It was super affordable for quite a bit of beer. We were really full for the rest of the day then. I am not exactly a huge beer drinker, but it was fun to try their local beer. For dinner we went to a traditional Czech restaurant. We each had beef with a traditional sauce (tasted like a gravy) and potato dumplings. It was really heavy! And even more filling with a stein of beer. Our stomachs felt like we wanted to explode after, but hey you gotta try the local cuisine!

Some other sites we saw were the Charles Bridge, which is beautiful. We also saw the John Lennon Wall, which since the 1980’s has been an average wall, but it is covered in graffiti. In the late 80’s the wall was a source of letting out irritation for the Communist Regime. You can’t see the picture of John Lennon that used to be there, but it is covered with plenty of lyrics and Beatles memorabilia. I really liked this and was happy to be informed of the history behind it. We also saw the Prague Castle with is a huge area made up of palaces and a cathedral. It almost looks like its own little town. Elizabeth and I were picturing a castle from Shrek, but it was really interesting to see how different this was from a typical castle. We checked out the Old Jewish Cemetery, which was incredible. There are over 100,000 burials within the cemetery with 12,000 tombstones showing. They are all crooked and stacked amongst each other it’s really quite a site to see.

Prague nightlife is usually pretty popular. We were able to “Czech” out the 5 story club as well as a 80’s themed club that I really loved. The 5 story club had a different music theme on each floor and it is a pretty big tourist attraction. The 80’s club not only played 80’s music, but used every wall to play the music videos too. Never heard so much ABBA in my life!

I really loved Prague. The architecture was incredible, and the city was so unique and very historical. I love Florence but it is really nice to go to places that are so different from Italian culture. I am at the only 3 weeks left mark. It makes me a little sad but I am definitely anxious to get back home to see people that I have been missing. I need to enjoy my cappuccinos and gelato while it lasts. My parents have been tempting me by skyping during their dinner time. My mom made stir fry with peanut sauce! Italy has beyond amazing food but I definitely want some variation in my life!

This weekend I will be going to Barcelona for 4 nights with 10 girls. It will be an adventure! I am excited though for the Gaudi, food, and finally being able to somewhat speak a language. Only things I am nervous about are what I have heard about pickpockets and speaking Spanish when I arrive back in Italy! Should be an exciting weekend.

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