Kelly: una semana de actividades

April 13, 2011

Lunes (4/4) y Martes(5/4): yoga y sauna

Jueves (7/4): yoga, dance party

Viernes (8/4): yoga, salsa class! more dancing after a snack break

Sábado (9/4): went to Quito, hung out with Carlos and Patrice (mis padres Quiteños) as they ran around the restuarant serving people, met up with a friend, hung out for band practice (metalrock band… five hours of electric guitar= tired ears), ate homemade bolas de verde con cafecito, went to a karaoke parlor (didn’t get a chance to sing though), more dancing (ahh! new people to dance with and different styles to learn)

Domingo (10/4): trip to Quisapincha with friend and his family. Bought fantastic bread and helado, went leather-jacket shopping (I contributed my opinions on the fit/style). The trip home took twice as long because everyone was returning to Quito on the Panamericana.

Lunes (11/4): Went to a community with Dra. Miriam and la Rosita to give medicine to kids with parasite infections. Made pan with Luzmila, Abuela, and Shyri. Luzmila kneaded the dough for at least 4o minutes, I held the bowl (which was as big as if I imaginary hug a tree in front of me). We let the dough rest for a while, then we all sat on milk crates around the pan of hot oil and fried the whole batch for a final product called roscillas fritas.

Martes (12/4): Desayuno- colada de uvilla, roscillas, huevo/frijole/chochlo fritada, té de anise. Went to a charla with Mariana y Regina. I held the synthetic penis as Regina demonstrated the proper way to put on and remove a condom. Registered for summer classes: Basic Social Stats and Summer Dance Intensive (!!!). Went back to the community. Yoga. Ate hummus con pan pita y ensalada with Regina, talked to a man a hot dog stand, went home and watched fútbol with my brothers. Long-overdue skype date with Caitlin.

Miércoles (13/4): Desayuno- chocolate caliente, roscillas, tortilla de huevo/espinaca/zanahoria, jugo de tomate de árbol. Learned a lot from Luzmila as she told me about how/when/why the chakras are planted as they are and the importance of growing complimentary plants together. Started my interviews for my research project (sometimes I forget I’m here because of an academic program…)


Goals: live in the moment, listen with sincerity, act out of love



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