Jonathan: Darjeeling!

May 2, 2011

I write while sipping a black tea here amidst the fresh, cool, mountain air of upper West Bengal. I am in Darjeeling, the hill station established by the British to escape the brutal summers of central and southern India.  Like them, and middle class Indians today, we too escaped the heat and dust and came north, where we are surrounded by the most incredible beauty.  After a final sweaty day slogging through the 110F heat of Delhi, the cool mountain air, scarfs, jackets, and winter hats of Darjeeling were a welcome change.  The thin air contributes to its breathtaking quality.

Darjeeling was an important location for the British as it grew exquisite and fine black teas which are still world renown.  We have visited Hindu and Buddhist temples, sat in awe of the tremendous mountains, and visited a tea garden.  More is to come, but alas, who knows the next time internet will be available for a post.  One cannot write about Darjeeling, because it is the mountain views which are the real draw.  And thus, pictures…

Claire at a tea tasting of local brews

Tea fields at “Happy Valley Tea Estate”

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