Amanda: What is a rickshaw, you ask?

May 4, 2011

My friends and I bargained for rickshaws almost daily to get around.  Luckily Udaipur had shared rickshaws that allowed us to travel almost anywhere we wanted for 5 rupees. Some of my  favorite memories in India were on rickshaw rides, including the following experiences:

1) when a rickshaw driver in Jaipur started blasting “Born in the USA” and “Barbie Girl”
2) when a rickshaw driver dropped Jezelle and I off at a random department store in Udaipur instead of the Old City, reassuring us we didn’t have to buy anything, just look
3) when a rickshaw from the Old City in Jaipur had a rear-facing backseat, which my friend Brittany and I rode on 

That’s India for you…seat belts? traffic laws?  who needs them…

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