Anna: Visits to Italian family before returning home

May 6, 2011

So I am finally back home in America, no culture shock yet. I haven’t said grazie yet to anyone either. The last week I spent with my parents visiting family in Torino for Easter, family in Genova near the Ligurian Coast, and finally wrapping up our visits in Rome. It was really fun to meet family that I had never met before. Some had only seen me when I was a couple months old. This was my dad’s first time back in Italy in 30 years, so it was really great for him to see his family.

All of the cities were really different, but really beautiful. Torino seemed like a great place to live, and really big! I liked it because it had both modern and old parts of the town. I met most of the relatives that I had never met before there. Zia Rita is my Nana Ida’s sister, they are so much alike! It was really fun to finally meet the cousins I have heard so much about over the years.

In Genova, their main attraction is the ocean. We went to Portofino one day which is a beautiful area on the Italian Riviera. We saw the mansions of Dolce & Gabbana, Silvio Burlesconi, as well as other designers and famous people! I had the opportunity to go out with Alessandra (my cousin who is 19 years old) and her friends one night. Most know English so I was able to communicate with them. It was really fun and I made the observation that boys are the same everywhere! Her friends reminded me of my own. 

We had already been to Rome before. In fact we were visiting the same family members that I visited in January. We were there during the Beatification of JP 2 so it was really crazy! Also, Obama and the other presidents of countries were meeting to discuss business. Rome was really crazy but we had a really great time seeing family and some of the sites! All in all it was a really fun and exciting week seeing family. It was hard to say hello and goodbye to people I had just met in two days. I know I will be back to Italy, there is no doubt about that. Some of the cousins even told me they want to visit the USA so that would be exciting for me to show them American culture.

I am so happy I decided to study abroad. I have learned so much about other cultures as well as myself! I am happy to be back home, also. But I already miss Italy and I will do all I can to go back soon. Thanks to everyone who read my blog. It was my way of journaling and staying connected to what is happening at home. 


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  1. hi Anna ! I am Michele, I am Sicilian. I am learning English and my teacher uses your journal as tool in our classes. I enjoyed your blog very much. Will you keep on writing on this blog ? I hope you will ! Thanks Michele

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