Kelly: dónde fue el semestre?

May 7, 2011

So… guess I’ve fallen behind on the updates lately. It’s the whole “living in the moment” initiative. The past two weeks has been a rollercoaster ride of mized emotions about having to leave and getting to return to the states. There have been many, “We’ll see eachother in the states soon,” “What’s your skype name?” “Lets take a road trip to reunite in Chicago!” and, “Of course I’m going to come back! When? Um… as soon as possible?”


  • I left Otavalo last Sunday… with much difficulty and a few tears. Eight people from my family (which was not even everyone who was home) walked me to the bus station and helped carry my bags. They joked about me smuggling cuyes to Quito. I almost gave Erika (the three-year-old) a heart attack when I pretended that I was going to take her with me… she’s very sensitive. When Regina arrived, we got on the bus and headed towards Quito
  • This past week I stayed in the house and spent many hours working, and procrasting, on my final report. I got it done finally… several hours before it was due. It’s 40 pages of Spanish, 2 pages of English, and 2 pages of photos if anyone cares to see it
  • MY PARENTS (from the States) ARRIVE IN QUITO TONIGHT! I’m a bit nervous that they’ll get themselves into trouble not knowing or understanding ANY spanish, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep them from straying too far. We don’t have any set plans for travels besides to visit Quito and Otavalo- vamos a ver que pasará
  • After my parents leave, I’m travelling with my friend Julio to Colombia… in bus. We’ll see how far we can get until we have to start the return trip to Quito.
  • Itumi decided to help me out with picture-taking a few times, the following photos are his handiwork: Click to view slideshow.

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