Amanda: What makes America different…

May 15, 2011
Going to another country reveals to travelers the sweet (and not so sweet) gifts unique to his or her homeland.  In India I experienced, on a daily basis, life totally different from what I previously knew as a student, daughter, or friend in the United States.  Here’s what I realized about how America differs from the rest of the world in the best (and worse) ways possible.

the US is awesome because of…

  • toilet paper (enough said)
  • physical and internal infrastructure (paved roads with street signs, somewhat methodological way of addressing issues within a government/school/business,etc.)
  • creativity (the fact that students and businesses are rewarded for brainstorming and creating unique solutions is something valued within our society whether we recognize it or not)

I’d wish we’d change…

  • extreme consumerist habits (almost every activity is centered around buying something.  we throw caution to the wind when buying new “stuff”: ipods, cameras, clothes.  need has transformed meaning in this country.  ironically, i’ve learned, the more you “have” the more you “need”)
  • apathy for global events (we care about other countries when they pose ours “danger,” but we often forget that our “land of the free and home of the brave” is also home to the largest army and most nuclear weapons in the world)
  • our individualistic culture (so much is about OUR (fill in the blank) rights, dreams, cities, houses, space, rest)

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