Connie: Full-swing spring

May 17, 2011

The weather suddenly took a climb toward the pleasant-to-hot range. Coats and sweatshirts are no longer needed, except for at night. The entire town is about as green as I’ve ever seen anything. It’s lovely, and lately there have been events and whatnot abounds. Also, stray cats.

So what’s been going on?

  • Jazz circle welcome party. Intended to convince freshmen to join the circle, I enjoyed it: a jazz live with my favorite vocalist in the circle, Kaluha, getting hit on by freshmen, late-night karaoke, and coming to realizations at 4 am.
  • Month-late Easter. A Japanese friend of ours was sad to find he’d missed the actual holiday, so it was arranged for his sake that we have a Easter egg hunt in the middle of May.
  • Joint birthday party for two people who have helped us exchange students all year. Just hanging out on campus, but many pleasant conversations were had, and we finally got to meet one of the elusive workers from the local super market. We spend nearly every day in there and give dumb names to the workers, so it’s kind of fun to meet them and, you know, find out they’re normal people rather than drones the Japanese service industry would have you believe.
  • Band practice – we’ve all improved so much since we first started out. My friend was also kind enough to figure out the chords to a song I really want to play. Tabs  for it don’t exist on the internet, so I’m sure it took her quite some time. Thank you!
  • Hanging out with our band-leader and vocalist, along with someone I’d been wanting to see for months now. Everyone was tired and sort of quiet after a long weekend, but I suppose in the end you can count it as a success. I asked the band-leader if he would teach me bass and I ended up taking the thing home.
  • A group of friends and I were supposed to see part two of Gantz today, but we got the timetable wrong and were unable to. Instead we went to 回転寿し (kaitenzushi), or conveyor-belt sushi, which is almost as good.
  • Mario Kart party at a friend’s house. Much like several summers ago, it looks like my DS is going to get a lot of multi-player use during the hottest months.

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