Jessica: Arrival in Belfast

May 19, 2011

Basically I made it safely and it’s beautiful here with green green green everywhere—so glad i packed a carry on full of snacks.

Despite the screaming baby on the plane I somehow managed to finish a book, read half of another, and get some uncomfortable sleep.

We got to explore the area too. We are right by the famous and beautiful Queens University, as well as an alarming amount of Asian and Indian restaurants. Who knew!?? Turns out that unlike Minneapolis, pedestrians don’t rule the world here and it’s really hard to cross tbe street like I am used to!

The apartments we are staying in are great (let’s ignore that we had to wait three hours for our rooms to be ready). They’re nice (talking fireplace and flat screens) and have the kitchen stocked with pans and cooking utensils for us to cook with. Read: I’m trying to cook. Aka, I bought salmon at Tesco. Wish me luck.

Weirdest things: abundance of fire extinguishers?? The washer/dryer is the same unit. In the kitchen. Next to a sixties oven. Under a retro microwave.

The feel of the neighborhood is so cozy and quaint—there are black fences and cute uniform neighborhoods of buildings. The best part is the huge amount of trees here!

We get one free weekend to travel and do whatever we want, and I originally planned to go to Paris. However, it turns out the rates for tickets are super high, running around 150 Pounds which is like $230 just for the flight. Thus I figured even though I’ve been to Edinburgh before I would love to see it again. I know, life is tough.

Tomorrow I am discovering the Starbucks down the street. YESSSSSS. Now, I pass out trying to get into Ireland time….

I miss people so much, and my kitten! I hope Minnesota is still beautiful!


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