Katie: London Calling

May 20, 2011

It’s a weird feeling, traveling alone. I’ve been on a plane plenty of times for school trips and family vacations and I have ventured out and discovered the bus system in Minneapolis but I have never traveled more than 4500 miles on a plane, all alone. I traveled all by my big self across the Atlantic Ocean to good ole London, England for a study abroad and internship, and I don’t know anyone. The situation is very similar to my adventure from Urbandale, IA to Minneapolis for college. I didn’t know a single person and that was my goal. To branch out and get out of my comfort zone. To meet new people and build new relationships. And that is my plan for this trip. I am excited for what God is planning on teaching me while I’m 4500 miles away from anything that is familiar. 

I met my first Brit before I even left the midwest! I met Oliver while getting off the small plane from Des Moines at the Minneapolis airport. He had been visiting his brother in Iowa and was on his way home. We chatted while walking to gate G6 (yes I started singing the song in my head when I heard the gate number). He loved his time at Living History Farms and Adventureland and showed me the souvenir mug he had purchased at the amusement park. It was so weird finding him so excited about the places I grew up going to, but I guess it is the same thing with me and my excitement to see Buckingham Palace, ride the Tube, and keep an eye out for the Queen (in my dreams). 

I am so excited for the next 7 weeks of this journey. 

Next up this week: Buckingham Palace, A Panoramic Bus tour of London, and Camden Market!

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