Jessica: Sightseeing

May 22, 2011

Today was the busiest day ever, I was bone tired at the end of it—so I stress fr anyone going on this trip in the future, SLEEP and REST. 

We went on a nice scenic bus ride to the north shore of Ireland to Carrick-a-Rede. I’m not really sure what it means or what the significance is, but it has been amazing. We originally were going Saturday but the weather is insane so we changed to today. Which I am so grateful for because it was breath taking. We trekked a mile to the bridge and looked at the cliffs, crags, rocks and water crashing on the shore in the dazzling sunlight (when it wasn’t raining in spurts of five minutes). 

There were a lot of girls terrified of the rope bridge especially in the strong winds today, but it was really safe and easy to cross with netting and supports to support us. I felt like if I kept my arms up my body would fly away, I was even having trouble breathing. 

After that we went to the Giant’s Causeway, where legend goes that two giants from Ireland and Scotland built a causeway together or something. Aka a volcano erupted and created amazing hexagonal columns that cluster together to create cliffs and stuff. It’s beautiful with the ocean crashing in, but it killed me to climb around. 

Then we saw the Dunluce Castle ruins—again on the coast it was breath taking. I dropped my camera so there’s a small dent in the lens thing, but again, beautiful to see the stone and structure standing there. LOTS of photos of me today wearing my work out chic clothing.

Everyone passed out on the bus and I am so grateful people are probably not going out tonight because we are trying to be smart for another busy day tomorrow. Attempt number two to cook tonight. We will see ow this goes !!


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