Mark: Lluvia y adventura

May 27, 2011

I’ve seen lightening from our roof almost every other night since we got here about a ago, even if we haven’t really seen any rain.  This time it was right above our heads.

My roommate and I hung out there for a while to watch until the rain started pouring, when we went to run back inside.  The problem was the door to the balcony and roof had blown shut behind us.  In Mexico people are very serious about protecting their property, and they have to be.  Every house in Cuernavaca is either surrounded by walls topped with barbed wire or the windows are barred, often both.  If you close a door behind you, you won’t get back in without a key.  Apparently that goes for doors on the upper floors too. 

We called for help but our  host-mother  couldn’t hear us.  Will thought he might have left his keys in pants pocket, in our bedroom.  Fourtunately with a little luck he was able to reach them through our window with a mop.  Unfortunately the roof door uses a different key.  So we thought about jumping to the neighbors roof and seeing if they would let us in.  And jumping the 15+ feet to the concrete sidewalk barefoot.  Will boosted me up and I  reached through a missing window pane in the door to take the keys from the other side.  But they slipped out of my hand.  About an hour after we went to the roof I finially managed, standing on Will, to use a stick to knock the handle on the other side over the open.  Me gustan adventuras!

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