Lindsey: Life in London

May 28, 2011

Hi all! Its been about a week since I’ve written in here last, I thought I better update you all on my week! So this week was the first week of classes and for my internship. I am interning at a fashion company as an ecommerce intern. Very fun! It’s a way different atmosphere than anywhere I’ve ever worked, and I enjoy every second of it. And I’ve already worked 20 hours this week! Wowza. 

I’m starting to feel way more at home here now. Since I ride the tube/bus everyday, I’m also starting to fit in, as long as I don’t talk so that they hear my accent. People from here say that we all speak American, not English. I’m not kidding, everyone says that. O well! I even grab a newspaper every morning to hide myself behind on the tube, just like everyone else. No wonder Londoners are so up to date on US current events—it’s all over their newspapers! However that might have been because Obama was here this week. Who knows. Also, in every single store I go into they are playing American music. AND on TV all they show is really old American reruns! Crazy. We may speak American, but they don’t seem to mind our culture. I’m also getting used to crossing the street. It’s such a difficult task. First, you have to remember to to look right first, NOT left. Then you scurry across to a tiny little median and wait as the cars go by on either side of you. Finally, you look left and run across. The cars drive like crazy over here, and we learned tonight that if they flash their lights at you, it means they will let you cross! 

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