Lindsey: Cold, rainy countryside

May 29, 2011

Today we went on a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath. It has sure been a long day! After getting up at 5:45 and a two hour bus ride there, we got to see Stonehenge for a whole 40 minutes. Luckily there wasn’t a whole lot to see, but they were way bigger than I thought!

I guess there are many different theories about why Stonehenge was made around 3000 and 1600 BC. I personally like to go with the extra terrestrial theory. There are some pretty interesting stories about events that have happened there, like sacrifices and arrests, etc. I should really read up on it all before visiting it, but oh well, we got an informational packet instead. It would have been cool to actually be able to go up to the stones and go into the middle, but they have it all roped off so that all you can do is walk around it. Bummer. Here are some pics in the freezing cold am:

After Stonehenge we got back on the lovely tour bus for another hour long ride to Bath. Interesting fact: the people of Bath actually pronounce it like we do in America. Londoners pronounce it wrong for once, saying it like “both”. However, to make the ride there much more enjoyable, we got a great look at the beautiful english countryside. Even on a gloomy day it is so pretty! I promise I didn’t steal this from online:

Looks like a quilt right? Just picture this the whole way there, plus cute little valleys with random castles and historic buildings. Needless to say, we were all pretty mad the bus couldn’t stop for 5 minutes for us to take a decent picture, so this one was taken through a window on the speeding bus.

After getting a beautiful view of Bath from the top of hills while driving into the city we finally arrived! I thought all that would be there would be the Roman Baths and we would dip our feet in them and be on our way, but I was so wrong! The city is absolutely beautiful. I have never been anywhere this old before! Everything dates way way back. There is so many little nooks and crannies throughout the city with cute little cafes and shops. And for a rainy day there was sure a lot of people out and about! Here are some pictures of the city:

After a little walk around the city it was time to see the Roman Baths! Here’s a little history lesson for you all: When the Romans were passing through the area a while back, they stumbled upon these hot springs (about 80 degrees) that were full of minerals, etc. They then decided to build a city there. Later it became a luxury spot for the kings and queens of the time to go to escape the city of London and was a very prestigious place to live. Ok, now that you know what they are we can move on! There are many different pools you can visit, and since it was so cold out today, you could even see the steam rising up from them!

We even got to taste the water at the end! It was very gross and sulfur and irony tasting, but it is believed to heal!

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