Lindsey: A Royal Weekend

June 17, 2011

Last weekend we went to see the Trooping the Colour at Buckingham Palace. This is one of the Queen’s birthdays. (Yes, she has two!) We lined up in the second row on the mall (the road that leads to the palace) and got ready for the parade to start. It looked just like it did for the royal wedding. There were tons of people there and the mall was lined with huge British flags. First, the guards in the black fuzzy hats paraded around in bands, on horses, and in kilts playing bagpipes. They make their horses walk sideways and backwards. So crazy!! While we were waiting, the entire royal family drove by in their fancy British cars, heading to the palace. Everyone went crazy when they saw them! When the parade finally started, more royal bands, soldiers, and police officers rode through on decked out horses. Then came the royal family!! First it was Prince Andrew, Camilla, Harry, and Kate. They were riding in an open carriage 15 feet away from us! It was so cool to actually see them! They all waved and Harry gave one of his cute scrunchy smiles. And if you were wondering, Kate is just as beautiful in person as she is in pictures! People just love her here. Every day in the newspaper, there is a huge new picture of her, showing what she was up to the day before. Anyways, then came the QUEEN! I thought people went crazy for Harry and Kate, but when she rode up they went nuts! In their British accents they all shouted “Oh my, it’s the Queen it’s the Queen!” and waved like crazy. It was so fun. Will was riding behind the queen in uniform on his special grey horse (everyone else had jet black ones). I couldn’t even tell it was him! But he sure looked good! We waited for the parade to come back and saw everyone again as they headed back into Buckingham. They all went up into the balcony of the palace and waved to all the commoners below as the bands played and people cheered. It for sure felt like a Disney movie. And a British version of 4th of July all in one. It was such a cool experience!

I would have written about this earlier but my camera’s memory stick is on the fritz, so I don’t have my pictures of this! BUT here are some of my friend’s pictures from the day for now!

Afterwards we finally went to Westminster Abbey, which was beautiful! We then all met up with our family friend Carl and he took us out for some authentic British food at The Albert pub! 

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