Lindsey: Exploring London

June 18, 2011

This weekend started off early being I didn’t have to work Thursday or Friday. After class on Thursday, a friend and I finally went to Harrods! The department store is huge, and you can buy absolutely anything there like groceries or an elephant! Everything is so beautiful inside the store, the chocolate room was my favorite 🙂 Here’s a picture of the outside of the Harrods:

Afterwards, we went to a free curry dinner sponsored by our program. Curry is a very famous and popular dish in London so we thought we’d better try some. They served us SO much food there it was unbelievable. We had two plates of appetizers plus our dinner. It was very tasty!

Yesterday (Friday) we went on a tour of Fuller’s brewery in Chiswick. It is the only Brewery still operating in London! We went on a tour with a bunch of older men who were all excited to learn about the brewing process, so they thought it was pretty fun that we were there! The tour was pretty cool, they had a majority of their old machines and equipment they used in the 1800s still there, next to the new machines they use today. We even had a tasting at the end of the tour! We got some lunch at their pub, the Mawson Arms, and one of the guys working in the brewery gave us all free Fuller’s polos! It was a fun morning!

Later in the evening, we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum. The building was extravagant and so beautiful. The V&A is a museum of art and design. Everything was so pretty, and we are going back to see more another day this week! They have an outdoor courtyard that was so beautiful last night:


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