Lauren: First few days in Rome

June 22, 2011

Buorngiorno!  Pardon the lack of updates since I have landed in beautiful Italy, but much of the last few days has been devoted to making new friends, catching up on sleep, and seeing some of the sights!

Much of my first day simply consisted of pushing through exhaustion and then ultimately catching up on sleep.  Once we landed we were transported as a group by coach bus to the Piazza Mazzini.  From there, we were divided up according to where we were living and sent to our apartment for the day to get some sleep!  I was able to really converse with my roommates, Molly, Janel, and Heather for the first time.  They are all incredibly nice and I think we are going to have an extraordinary time together!

Piazza Navona

Friday was a much busier day.  At 10 am we met for the first time at our ACCENT student center in the Piazza dell’Orologio.  Our first experience with the public transportation, much to my surprise, did not end in disaster and we were not only able to find the center alright, but we were on time as well!

After our orientation we were free to walk around.  A couple of us walked around the beautiful Piazza Navona (which is right next to our school), and at six we met once again for evening drinks with our (super cute Italian) guide, Francesco!

My boyfriend, Brody, and his friend, Mike, were in Rome as well, having spent the last part of the month traveling around Europe and visiting Brody’s mom (who lives in Luxembourg).  They met up with us too, and it was incredibly nice to spend time with him!

Rome is so beautiful.  Even walking down side streets you can see ancient columns sticking out of buildings.  I love that the aquaducts here can be used for bubblers, and the tap water is simply AMAZING!

Sunday morning included a walking tour of the area around our student center.  On this tour, we made a stop at the Pantheon.  The inside of the building is gorgeous.  So far I have been very snap happy with my camera!  I will have to post pictures soon!

Sunday night was Brody’s last in town, and we went to both the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain with a couple others students.  I was underwhelmed by the Spanish Steps, although I have to admit that I didn’t quite know what I was supposed to expect—so I think that confusion added to that.

The Trevi Fountain, however, was SPECTACULAR!  We all made sure to throw our coins over our shoulders and into the fountain to ensure that we would one day return!

Monday was a day of rest for myself, up until getting lost on public transit for two hours while trying to meet up with friends for dinner.  Today, I have started my classes, which consist of Italian Media and Communications, and Art History.  Both seem as though they will be really enjoyable and interesting.  Thursday I will be heading to the Vatican for my Italian Media class.  Stay tuned!

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