Lauren: Ultra-exclusive trip to Vatican

June 24, 2011

Today turned out to be another quite exhausting, yet extraordinary day in Rome! 

Starting at 9 AM, I went to the Vatican for my Italian Media class.  Turns out my professor, Sean-Patrick Lovett, is the Communications and Media director for the Catholic City.  His high rank really helped speed things along, as we were able to walk to the front of the line past hundreds of waiting people, and with a show of his Vatican passport and ID, all 12 of us students were in! 

On top of the Radio T

On the tour, we were permitted to go a lot of places in Vatican City that normal tourists aren’t allowed to, specifically into the Vatican’s government building, the headquarters for the Vatican Radio (which is the most popular station in the world, and is broadcast in over 40 languages), and also to the top of the Radio Tower, which provided us with beautiful pictures with St. Peter’s as the backdrop. 

Simply put, the Vatican was beautiful!  The gardens in them reminded me of something one would see in an Alice in Wonderland moive.  Turns out the Pope has his own medieval waterfall!  Also turns out that the Vatican can’t decide which climate it wants to be – the city boosted a wide array of evergreens, cactus, palm trees, and maccaws.  The entire experience was quite surreal.

Pope’s private waterfall

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