Kelsey: School, schmool

July 12, 2011

So what people keep telling me is that I came down here to study (they obviously haven’t seen these gorgeous landscapes!) and so I guess between all my adventures I have to take some classes! 

Yesterday (11 July) was my first day of classes in New Zealand and I had only 2 classes and was done by noon. My first class was Movement Analysis and Control (essentially biomechanics). I soon found another student I had met during course approval, so I sat by him and the professor seemed very personable and funny. It seems as though the course will be focused heavily on watching sports and analysing them so that should be super interesting. From what I’ve heard of the biomechanics class back at home, they don’t really focus much on applying their concepts to sports, so I’m glad I can get a different perspective here. 

My second class was Motor Control, which I was/am nervous about because one of the prerequisites for the class is my Movement Analysis and Control class (see above) so I was shaking in my boots the whole class hoping that I could talk to the professor after class about my situation. I met some other kiwis in class that seem pretty nice, and they love to talk in a southern accent, which is hilarious to hear. I did get to talk to my professor after class and he insisted that I should be able to handle the class while taking the prereq. 

After classes us girl went to the University gym (UniPol) to do our workout with Anna (she’s pretty tough). This was our second time at the gym and most of our time is spent in the weight room, which proves to gain us a lot of weird looks! Apparently at this particular gym, it is rare to see fit women in the weight room doing actual hard workouts and the guys in there have no problem showing their disbelief on their face by blatantly staring at us the whole time. It’s funny though so it doesn’t bother us. After relaxing for a bit and skyping mom, dad, and Kyle my kiwi-host made homemade pumpkin soup! I’m not going to lie, I was a bit nervous because I had never tried pumpkin soup before, but I ended up absolutely loving it! I got the recipe so when I come home I can make it for everyone ☺

Soon enough it was the second day of classes, but lucky me didn’t have any classes until noon! My first class of the day was Maori Society, which is a class all about the indigenous people of New Zealand and their culture. The class doesn’t count towards my major or anything but I thought it was a good opportunity to learn more about the people I was interacting with while abroad. It ended up reminding me of home university because there were about 500 people and the room was packed! It should be an interesting class and I’m taking it with friends so it’s even better!

In between classes, I decided to check out the library and get my internet figured out so I could use up all the school’s internet gb’s and their power while I charge my computer! Once I got all that figured out I went to the science library where one of my text books was being reserved so I could do some assigned reading. Then it was time for my second/final class of the day, which was History of Sport. I had taken some course material before on sport history so I’m not too worried about this class. The majority of the material is on the Olympics so it should be interesting to look at the Olympics as a study material and analysing it rather than just cheering on our country! 

And those are the 4 classes that I’ll be taking throughout the semester.

Something crazy that happened today was the weather! I woke up to pouring rain outside, and since right outside my window is a roof, it was pretty loud! I then checked my facebook and my friend Anna messaged us saying that there was a red sunrise that morning and according to her kiwi-host, that meant some crazy weather was on the way! I just thought it would be raining all day, but little did I know it was much more! By the time I was ready for class, the rain had cleared and it was beautifully sunny outside but the wind snuck it’s way through every layer I had on. The classroom was warm so I had an hour to warm up. It was still sunny when I went home to grab some lunch before going to the library. In the time it took me to warm up some leftover pumpkin soup, and eat it. It was pouring outside again, but not just any rain, it was sleeting and slightly hailing. A couple minutes later I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw SNOW. Yes, snow in July! It was crazy! Me and my kiwi-host just danced around the lounge laughing and peering out the window because we couldn’t believe it was actually snowing! But it didn’t last long because by the time I got to the library, it was sunny again! It was sunny for most of the afternoon after that but around 4 or 5pm it started its rain/snow deal but this time it was less exciting and more cold in the house! Apparently “Red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning” because it means that moisture is hanging in the air. What a day!
Hopefully it stays warm enough for me tonight in my bed with my 27 layers! Why did I leave summer again?

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