Alex: Walkabout part III

July 18, 2011

I walked again today, mostly just for something to do. I knew from the outset that it would be a shorter walk than yesterday as I am still sore and I finished my 42-hour audiobook last night.

Today I actually walked east, or at least that was my intention. Looking at the map of my route what I actually did was make a 3/4 circle and double back, going south then east then north again. I initially tried going straight east, but was met by incredibly boring if not impassable highway. Today’s walk was less eventful, and was much of the same as yesterday, but only about four or five hours of it rather than eight. Most of that was spent getting lost near Hobson Bay, which is just as beautiful as the bays I visited yesterday. And if I thought I had wandered into the rich suburbs yesterday, boy did I strike the suburb jackpot today. Palm trees, gently rolling hills, views of the bay and electronic gates on every house: these are, I think, the definition of upscale suburbia.

The gently rolling hills make me surprised at the lack of longboards I’ve seen around. Perhaps it’s because there is actual surfing to be had within a half-hour drive, but I would think that with all these hills the carving would be sick.

I found a cool little shop with lots of hand-carved maori-style trinkets and stuff, along with a lot of really cool carved pounamu (a native type of greenstone that was treasured by the maori). I suspect I will be returning there when my pockets are a bit heavier.

I discovered last night that my DS charger isn’t working so I can’t use my DS for fear of it dying and me losing all my progress. Of course, because I bought my DS used, there is no warranty. It may be some time before I can afford to replace the charger, as my student loans/grants/scholarships have yet to come in so I’m getting by on my shoestring savings.

Bored as I might get, I cannot go out walking again tomorrow. I’m so sore that I was ready to turn back after the first half hour of my walk today, and I fear that if I were to spend another day walking I may break down sobbing in the street.

Classes start Monday and boy am I ready, although I haven’t bought books yet because no one has been able to explain to me how I know what my reading list is before the class starts. The consensus seems to be that I will get my reading list in class on the first day. That seems silly, but given my money situation I’m not too excited about dishing out a few hundred dollars right now anyway, so that’s fine. Also, one of my discussion sections still does not have a location or faculty listed, so I don’t know what that means, but the lecture is before its proposed meeting time, so I can ask the professor.

So ends today: likely early and collapsing under the weight of compounded soreness.

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