Alex: First day of classes

July 19, 2011

Yesterday was the first day of classes, and as much as my compatriots will probably bemoan this event, I welcomed it with open arms. As I’ve already said my primary motivation for visiting New Zealand is academic, so I was not exactly excited about classes, but I was relieved. At least this will give me some sense of normalcy, and give me something to keep me busy. I only had one class today, and thankfully all of the readings are online for the first 8 weeks, because I still don’t have money for books. My one class today was my only Maori Studies course, which is an introduction to “Te Ao Maori” or “The Maori World.” This is the class I was most excited for, but so far it’s just going over syllubi.

Still no response from any of the tattoo artists I contacted, but I intend to email a few professors just as soon as I finish writing this post. I doubt many of them will be able to get me to moko artists, which is what I really want, but perhaps they can get me some other resources.

I think I’m going to sign up for the Tramping (aka hiking) Club. I did get brand-new hiking boots just for this trip, afterall (thanks again, Grandma!) and I think my roommates are going to do it too so it will give me something to bond with them over. So far I think I can count the number of sentences we’ve spoken to each other on one hand.

Took a walk to get a few groceries yesterday and apparently the city central here really comes alive on the weekends. I saw at least a dozen street performers in six blocks, and that’s not including the living statue who doesn’t count because painting oneself gold and standing still does not a performance make.

So ends today: settling in to the long months of academia before me.

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