Connie: Osaka Bang!

August 1, 2011

Unfortunately when I went to Osaka I didn’t have the courage to try this, but today I was provided with the chance.

I shot three people from Osaka and slashed another with a samurai sword. All died almost instantly.


I saw this video about half a year ago. After seeing it I was immediately inspired to see if this tale about people from Osaka was true. My first victim was a friend of Osaka origin attending school here. Sure enough, he pretended to die upon being “shot”. I tried this several times – he even fell to a sniper’s bullet. My English friend attempted it on another Osaka native working at a local bar. Though he made sure to roll his eyes first, he too succumbed to the invisible bullet.

Today the first Osakan friend I referred to invited me to a small party. Three of his friends from Osaka were going to show up. He made sure to remind me that they would do this little trick as well. After the obligatory shot to my friend I got one of the others with another bullet. I waited about an hour before going after the second, who wasn’t expecting it at all. The third knew he was to be my next victim, but he wasn’t suspecting a sword was waiting. They all fell to my assassin’s prowess.

So next time you’re in Osaka, try it out. Wasn’t there an Xbox commercial like this?

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