Shawnda: Final thoughts

August 5, 2011

So…by the end of this trip I expected to be certain of which career path I was choosing and to be a different person.  I’m not sure if either worked out according to plan.

I think if anything, I have been assured that I am equally, and increasingly, passionate about medicine and public health.  I can see myself playing critical roles in both disciplines.  So, in the last month I have left of summer, I need to decide which death test I am going further in to debt for. 

I think I have yet to change many of my beautiful qualities:

  • I still manage to crave and drink massive amounts of coffee
  • I still have a ridiculous amount of dirty laundry; this time I’m still wearing it
  • I still hate spiders and feet
  • I am still obsessed with searching iTunes, and will go to drastic measures to do it
  • I’m still pale.

What has changed?

  • I like baths; preferably with 2 inches of hot water
  • I can fall asleep before 1 am

Some of the luxuries I missed from home:

  • Non-bran cereal
  • Not-rooibos tea
  • Pilot G-2 pens
  • A ridiculously large selection of notebooks
  • Blending in
  • Not being proposed to or told if my skin were darker, I would look like a Motswana with a “nice African figure”

What will I miss?

  • Street food
  • The exchange rate
  • Cheap groceries
  • Combis
  • Safaris
  • Being greeted by everyone
  • Speaking Setswana
  • Walking everywhere
  • Fatcakes, samp, pap, man sized lunch bars, and Toppers
  • Bull & Bush nights
  • Monkeys eating our food

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