Grace: My host family

August 15, 2011
Asaamalekum, everybody! 
I don’t really have much to say. But here are some pictures!
The mosque in my neighborhood (like 2 minute walk from my house).  Every morning I walk down this little road to go to class or to meet up with Anne and David.  All during the day there’s a guy who calls out over a loudspeaker when to pray and preaches little sermons too, I think (I obviously can’t understand what he’s saying since it’s in Arabic).  Each night at like 7:45-8ish he calls out when Ramadan is over. 
My house! Yay! 
My family! Yay! 
From left to right:
My aunt (my mom’s sister, gynecologist, mother of Suley and Aisha, bought me ice cream once, super nice)
Suley (7 yrs old, hilarious, loves doing karate fights with the air and counting things)

My mom, Soda (one of the nicest women I’ve ever met, loves watching French-dubbed Criminal Minds, enjoys telling me to eat more during every meal, says she can’t remember the last time she was tired and only sleeps 2-3 hrs/night which is crazy)
Mario (24 yrs old, works for the cell phone company, likes watching bootlegged movies)
Tapha (18 yrs old, loves Avril Lavigne, chemical engineering major at local university, speaks pretty good English so I ask him how to say stuff a lot)
Aisha (10 yrs old, loves drawing with me, teaches me lots of Wolof and is very impressed by my repertoire of tongue tricks and funny faces)

Not pictured: 

My sister Aida (15 yrs old, kinda quiet around me, also likes Criminal Minds)
My brother Babacar (20-21 yrs old, he’s traveling for the month of August with his job at the cell phone company)
My aunt and uncle who come over like every other night (both really nice, always try to speak English to me which I like, she has the most gorgeous clothes)
The maids (Jaqueline and Adja, both really nice but quiet, I always try to help them with stuff and they won’t let me. Like I’ll literally be 2 steps from the bucket where you’re supposed to put dishes and they will take my plate away from me and insist on walking the last 2 steps with my plate)
Various other aunts and uncles (my mom is one of 8, and that’s only counting the children from her mom, not the other 3 other wives of her dad)z

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