Alex: Snow

August 16, 2011

On August 15th, 2011 in Auckland New Zealand a strange and wonderful thing happened. It snowed.

I am told it doesn’t snow it Auckland. It is simply unheard of. According to a China Daily article, the last time it snowed in the city center was in 1930s. The last time it snowed here, Hitler had yet to invade Poland. To say that people were excited would come nowhere near capturing the feeling in the air.

The snow began as cold rain, which transitioned to sleet, hail and eventually actual honest-to-God snow. It is, of course, far too warm here for the snow to even consider the possibility of staying on the ground for more than the briefest of moments, but snow it did.

In the courtyard of my apartment building there were people dancing and screaming, furiously shooting pictures to mark this historic event. My facebook feed exploded with observations about the snow that was trying its damnedest to fall on Auckland central.

It has been honestly, objectively cold this week. Not just Auckland cold, but real cold, although probably not deserving of the down-filled coats I have seen so many Kiwis sporting. They are saying it may snow again this week. My favorite part of this story is that city officials are warning people to prepare for the possibility that they could be trapped in their houses without amenities. By snow that is barely even cold enough to call itself that.

If nothing else, I can say that I was here to witness this historic day, and that I was outside in a t-shirt at the time.


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