Hilary: Quito, Ecuador—Week 1

August 17, 2011

This is a gigantic city! The cab drivers on one side don’t know where streets are on the other! I am getting used to using the bus system, the buses are easy to take and are cheap, but knowing where you want to go and what bus to take is a completely different thing! I am learning slowly but surely. 

My school is amazing, I never ever would have dreamed of what my school looks like, my apartment too by that matter.  I live with two twin 12-year-old sisters and a mom; they are sweet and very accommodating.  There are 4 other students in the pre-session intensive Spanish grammar program.  Everyone is really nice and we are all at pretty much the same level grammatically.  Our teacher, Luis is awesome, he is a complete socialist but keeps his political views as in the closet as possible.  My speaking/comprehending abilities have improved so much!  But it is hilarious to see the difference in my writing and grammar.  I second-guess myself all the time and just have so many things wrong!  But that is why I am in the Spanish language pre-session I suppose! 

Last night Greta, Rebecca and I went to a dance show of indigenous Andean dances!  It was amazing!! It was great to hear all of the amazing music and see the dancing.  It makes me miss dance and realize that I need to kick my voice back into shape.  There is a possibility of going to a Jazz University in Quito for lessons and what not. 

Internet is going to be less frequent here—no WIFI but I can hook my computer up to my family’s wired set-up.  I am trying to limit myself to every other day until I need to be using the internet for research papers and stuff. 

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