Hilary: A whole month gone

August 23, 2011

One month down and one semester to go!

Tomorrow I finish my first month of classes in Ecuador!  I can’t believe how fast this is going!  I have a final exam tomorrow and then need to finish reading that huge packet of articles over our 5-day weekend.  I am going to find a conservatory to practice voice on Thursday and then going to have a fantastic workout at the gym and get my censo (id card for residents who are non-Ecuadorian).

Below is a picture of the lunch I eat almost everyday: Ingredients: fresh bread, fresh cheese, kale, avocado, grapes, and a clementine. Cost: $3.50/week. 

Fun food facts for Ecuador! You can buy 25 mandarin oranges for $1, 4 or 5 avocados for $1, 2 big loaves of bread or 8 small loaves of bread for $1, almuerzo normal (classic lunch which consists of a delicious creamy soup, followed by rice and meat, and juice) for $1.50.  You can buy a beer for $2 but they only have Club and Pilsener… not my favs, but I’ll take a Club thanks! Things that are expensive here: chocolate, any alcoholic drink besides beer (unless its ladies night!) granola… don’t think I’ve tried to buy much else!  Oh they don’t have chocolate chips here!!  Soo.. if you want to send me something, send me chocolate chips so I can bake chocolate chip cookies with my sisters! (My Ecuadorian sisters, yes dad, they aren’t my real sisters)

Bueno, todo es muy bien aquí y estoy súper feliz y emocionada por este semestre!  Shout out to the LU Spanish faculty: Muchísimas gracias por todo su trabajo y apoyo en LU, con nuestras clases estaba preparaba para el tiempo aquí y estoy feliz que tuve la oportunidad practicar hablando durante clase junto con la gramática! 

This weekend I’m going to the provinces of Esmereldas and Manabí (aka the beach!) we are going to rent a car and drive the coast!  I am excited to have this adventure because once the semester starts I will have 4 classes, 5 days a week and lots of homework.. ah school, yay for my last year!! 

In the past month I have written several papers, the most interesting one is about an Ecuadorian Indigenous Woman named Transito Amaguaña (1909-2009) she died a month before her 100th birthday!  She has been recognized just this past year for her work fighting for indigenous and women’s rights. She was one of the first women in Ecuador to step forward and commit her life to human rights and she had many successes. Her testimony has been printed (in Spanish) for all to read. Her story is super interesting and it is a great book to go along with the testimony of Rigoberta Menchu (from Guatemala).

Spanish gets harder and easier depending on the day, but I finally figured out subjuntivo. Goodness, seriously we spent a week on it and I finally get it!!  (well really only the beginning, but at least it makes sense now!)  I hope that all who are able take advantage of studying abroad and learning a new language. It opens up so many possibilities in linguistics and in life! 

Something random that I just figured out today (just a side note, thought it would make you all laugh):  I am used to editing my papers on actual paper so I actually read the mistakes I am making out-loud and see them, I think my brain thinks that the computer words aren’t actually real…  Anyway, I need to adjust to my idea about saving paper and to not having a printer!  Hence, I have a new mindset with editing papers on the computer.  The words I type are real AND I read to the computer instead of to the paper!  Wow, sometimes I can really trick myself!


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