Chiyo: A cup of tea

September 2, 2011

Internship orientation was 2 hours long, and I’ve learned that the British take their sweet time in explaining things, whereas us American’s tend to get to the point. Our orientation ended, and we were really hungry so we went in search of a place to eat for lunch and ended up at a no name Korean/Japanese restaurant. Lunch had ended, and we went to our “safety orientation” where we basically learned that if a guy says, “wanna go out and look at the stars?” to say no because there are no stars in London, so don’t fall for that. Then came the fun, when we went to our welcome reception, which consisted of a traditional British Tea party. 

Our tea party was at the Regency Hotel, and we drank so many cups of tea I lost track. With our tea we had tea sandwiches, crumpits, scones, and mini “cakes.” It was a chance for all of us to mingle who are a part of the CAPA program, but for the most part we have been sticking with the people who are in our flat buildings. The tea party ended after about an hour and a half, and we all hopped on the tube, came back to our flat, and had a chill night in the “Party Penthouse.” A bunch of people went out to the club Barracuda in Ealing, but my roomie Diane and I hung back at our place and are just enjoying some down time. Tomorrow morning we’re going on a panoramic tour of London, and then who knows what the day will bring us! 

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