Chiyo: Lost in the city

September 4, 2011

Rain came for the first time of what will be many while I’m abroad here in London. My roommate Diane and I headed out to CAPA to go to Camden Market and Primrose Hill for the afternoon, and after arriving we learned that we were NOT supposed to meet at CAPA, but instead meet at the tube stop. So a group of girls from Delaware, and my roommate and I went off to find the market ourselves. Due to “improvements” on the tube, a lot of the lines were shut down so we had to find alternate routes. The market isn’t as great as everyone says, and it was like any other market that you can go to in other countries where they will barter with you because they want the sale so bad. The rain started coming down pretty hard, and Diane and I were the only ones prepared for it to rain so we made a beeline to the tube and headed back towards CAPA. 

After a quick bite to eat and visiting the Delaware girls flat, Diane and I went to look for her internship location which is right next to the London Eye (very jealous). We had been out and about for 7 hours and went off to the famous Harrod’s to meet up with her friend who works there and to shop around. Unfortunately due to all the “improvement’s” and us not acclimated completely to London’s tube station, it took us too long to get to Harrod’s before it basically closed for the day. Instead, we met her friend outside and headed for Soho London, where we ended up in, where else when you’re with two other Asians? Chinatown. None of us wanted Asian, so Diane’s friend suggested a really good Spanish chicken restaurant called Nandos. I embarrassed myself at the register where we go up and order, since service is a lot different here in Britain, and I thought the guy said “Where are you from?”, but he asked me what my table number was…fail on my part. The weather here is a lot colder than back in the cities, and I’m learning I should probably have my winter coat shipped out earlier than I thought. We said our goodbyes, and Diane and I headed home to our flat where I came home to a very sick roommate. She’s off to Urgent Care right now, while the rest of us are calling it an early night since we have our internship interviews tomorrow morning! 

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