Jon: Who doesn’t love a good accent?

September 4, 2011

So, I am now sitting in the London Heathrow Airport waiting for my gate information to be displayed. A 5 hour layover… I wish I could explore London but I guess I shouldn’t take the risk. But anyways, my day started off a bit rough when I learned my flight is not actually through BMI as I booked it but instead they contract out to other flights. With that I got off at the complete opposite side of the airport to begin with having to go from terminal 5 to terminal 1. Then I’m told since I’m flying through United Airways I have to follow their baggage rules instead of BMI which means I now have to pay $70 for a second bag. After that though it’s been pretty easy since. The person I sat next to on the flight was very nice, a chemical engineer from London. Can I take a break to say I really love the British accent? I mean, don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for Middle Easterners but “Comm’ on mate” will get me every time. Upon arriving in London I was welcomed at security by an entire soccer (?) team, which was a nice welcome.  And now I wait, the only thing I’m really worried about is the taxi ride to my hotel upon entering Amman. The taxi’s there are not metered, purely negotiated and although I’m told Jordanians might even put my beloved St. John’s and St. Benedict’s Benedictines hospitality to shame I’m still cautious. Of course speaking very little Arabic doesn’t help either. Well my flight finally came on the screen though the gate information will only be told about 30-40 minutes before departure so I might be sprinting a bit. Well I should get to doing… something so I’ll end this my first blog, though if people watching is a hobby, people listening should be as well, and international airports are the Olympics of it. So many different accents and languages, different styles and mannerisms. I could spend much longer than 5 hours here just watching and listening.

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