Jon: Ahlan Wa Sahlan!

September 5, 2011

Ok so the taxi cab driver didn’t say that to us right away like all the guides say they will but after we asked him how he was doing in Arabic he said Ahlan wa sahlan to us and was very friendly. My plane ended up being about 4 hours late but on the ride I did meet 5 other CIEE students. We all hitched a bus to our hotel and crashed in two rooms (which by the way were very expensive. American hotels in Jordan are not cheap apparently). We ended up getting there at about 1am my time and tried to all cram on one computer in an hour to all contact our families and then crashed. The nice part about having a 26 hour plane ride is I don’t really feel jet lagged. Although my eating habits will take a while to get realigned. I have to say though I was warned about getting sick from food but one a whole I feel more bad for people who travel to the US from here. I cannot imagine their stomachs digesting all of our highly processed foods after eating simpler more raw foods they have here. For breakfast I had bread and tomato with cheese on both along with yogurt and orange juice, it was delicious. So now I just have the day to relax and tomorrow we start a very intensive orientations, this should fully exhaust me.


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