Chiyo: The Good Life

September 6, 2011

Finally. A day where I got to sleep in. The girls in the triple slept in until 10:30, and took our sweet time getting ready for the travel fair at CAPA. A group of us went together and entered raffles, learned about all the various side trips we can go on, and I was really close to booking a trip to Amsterdam/Bruge but we all decided to wait and figure out our schedules. Allie and I really wanted to go shopping to find outfits for London’s Fashion Night Out this Thursday, so we split off from the group who were going to the museums, and went in search of fabulous outfits. 

High Street Kensington is one of the main areas for shopping, and not too far from where we take class, so that was where we headed off to. After going into shops like Topshop and Zara, we stumbled upon several vintage shops where we struck gold. I ended up purchasing a dress for only 3 pounds, and Allie got a dress that could be seen in Mad Men for 10 pounds. Both of our dresses are our outfits of choice for our event on Thursday night, and we couldn’t be any happier. I’m so glad I have a roommate who is just as fashion obsessed as me! The rain started to come down really hard, so we ran into a Starbucks that was nearby, and I was disappointed to see how small their selection of drinks was! The rain had stopped, and somehow through all the walking we did, we ended up in Notting Hill, which was quite the trek from where we started. 

Now we’re all back at the flat, and Allie and I are having our “spa night” to unwind from our very fun day. I love how on our days off we spend the entire day exploring the city. I find something new and exciting every single day. One Republic’s “Good Life” definitely describes my life right now…

Here’s my 3 pound dress I got at the vintage shop!:


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