Chelsea: Pensar menos y sentir mas

September 7, 2011

Hola a todos!

Nothing too exciting for the past few days – just, ya know, living life…in Ecuador.

Yesterday was the first day of school for my brother, Pablo! I went with my family to drop him off this morning—so exciting! All of the families were dressed up & the directors of the school gave an address to all the families there as the students stood (incredibly well-behaved) in lines with their class! My new goal is to learn the Ecuadorian national anthem – I didn’t dare even try mouthing the words or try the “watermelon” trick…

Here is a photo from this morning with Pablo (so handsome in his uniform!), my dad, and my aunt…and of course my brother’s awesome Spiderman backpack (that I’m extremely jealous of!).

The quote for the title of this post “pensar menos y sentir más” translates to “think less and feel more”. This was part of the talk we had from an indigenous man today about the duality of all things, which I found to be my most interesting class so far! Before the class, he performed an indigenous ritual ceremony—it was so interesting! The ceremony was essentially about being one with the earth, but was extremely moving—who knew hugs could bring everyone to tears?

For dinner, we had chicken, spaghetti noodles, and french fries. I can honestly say I have never had the noodle + french fry combo before (which is surprising, coming from a carb-aholic), but I’m not complaining.

More exploration to come this week! Only 5 more days of class & 3 trips for the next 2 weeks! I can handle this type of “studying”.

…and since this is a relatively short post, I thought I’d put in a couple funny stories from the past week…

1) I brought bubbles from home (the ones with the big wand) and gave them to my brother, Pablo, and cousin, Fatima a few days ago. They were both extremely amused and it happened to be a windy day, so it worked out well! I thought all was well until later that day my host brother came up to me and said, “Chelsea, I have a question. What happens if a bubble goes in your mouth?” Whoops. I’m not such a good influence after all!

2) So, the cars in Ecuador don’t stop. I’m not sure if they’re all lacking a brake pedal or not…but the lesson is, if you’re a pedestrian, it is your responsibility to not get hit. A little different from the U, where students just walk without looking, knowing that the cars will eventually stop. I guess that’s “Minnesota nice” for you. But knowing this, this is something funny my mom said to me on the way back from classes a few days ago after a car stopped for us to cross (which rarely / never happens)

“There are only two options to cross the street. You can wait for the cars…or you can wear a short skirt” 

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