Emily: Homesickness sets in

September 10, 2011

I am not sure this is the best time for me to write my first post in Barcelona because the truth of the matter is that I am one hundred and fifty percent homesick. There are so many things that frustrate me–the language barrier, moving in with a new family that has different views than me, living in a place that is hot and humid but none of the buildings have air conditioning. (See! I sound like a complete downer right now!)

Study abroad materials say that homesickness is natural (although technically I should still be in the “honeymoon” stage where everything is new and exciting.) However, I have decided that some of my homesickness might actually be sadness of changes and growing up, on top of the homesickness. Let me explain. This summer, I spent a wonderful three months with my family–helping my dad, road tripping to Chicago, Montana, and Colorado with my family, going shopping and to movies with my mom. And there was also the bonus that I got to see my boyfriend and talk to him every single day on the telephone for at least seven minutes. Here, I am stuck with Skyping (if the internet connection feels like it) and Facebook chatting. My sister is also starting her first semester at college and it was so fun the last few weeks to be excited with her. And finally, it was my last summer at home. In May I will be graduating and actually become part of the real world. No more Criminal Minds marathons on Tuesday afternoon. No more daily evening walks with my mom and the dogs. Sure these things may happen here and there, but not all summer. I know that I should be excited for this next chapter of my life. But I have always had trouble letting go (which is probably why I watched the Disney movie Tangled two days before leaving for Spain!). Tomorrow in order to combat this homesickness, I am going to try to fill the day with sightseeing. I may actually be a tourist for the day and pay for the overpriced ticket that gets you on a double-decker, open-topped, bus and take a tour of the city. I still do not know my way around completely so I could even say that it would be educational. Plus, it is something my family would do if we were here together (Since that is what we did in DC and London). I will try to write a more upbeat post soon because there are some pretty cool and exciting things to talk about as well.


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