Jon: Jordan’s third language

September 13, 2011

I love coffee. Anyone who knows my daily routines know me and caffeine are a great combination that do not do well when parted. So naturally I was a bit worried when I came to the middle east, and I will admit I am having some issues. The coffee they drink here almost always comes in a tiny cup and is the equivalent of espresso. Now while I love caffeine I am NOT able to ingest it like that. For those of you that have lived with me or seen me in the morning you will also know I do not do mornings… at all. George W. Bush and Iranian President Mr. Ahmadinejad get along better than me and mornings. So ironically enough in the morning I am to tired to put up with the taste of espresso. Heck even coffee sometimes I’m to tired for. So in order to start my day I am starting to get into tea here. I’ve found a few cups of tea in the morning help me get going till I can find somewhere with American styled coffee. 

Anyways, once I did manage to wake up and start my day today I went to the University of Jordan (UJ) to start Arabic. I attended Beginners II class today and to my surprise I think I might skip it. I will take a test tomorrow but it looks like I will be in Intermediate I, although I will have to do some heavy catch up on vocabulary. Afterward I studied for a bit then had lunch for the equivalent of… $1.20. And lunch was a huge helping of rice, chicken, potatoes, bread and a Pepsi. I love Jordan.

Lastly today I have fully realized that honking is truly the third language of Jordanians. We got in a taxi to go home from school, normally a 15 minute ride with little traffic, and were able to get near our home in about 7 in the middle of rush hour. Apparently side walks and parking lots are simply extended lanes for Jordanians. The reason why we didn’t make it all the way home in the taxi is because right after our taxi driver had skipped about 35 cars in traffic driving around them all and an intersection and had said something about leaving his life in god’s hands while driving he got into a car accident. Just a small fender bender so do not worry but can only be called the best karma timing in the world.


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