Emily: Barcelona Letters week 1

September 14, 2011

Dear Victoria: You are my señora for the next three months. Although we have had a few miscommunications the first week, I now feel much more at home. Thank you for opening up your home to random nieve American students.

Dear Clase de Español: I am definitely probably a little to advanced to be in the “beginning” class, however, mi profesora is more than willing to challenge me in order to get better. My deadline of speaking English in Victoria´s home is October 1 and with your will be so much easier!

Dear Skim Milk:  You are the thing I miss the most. Although they have something similar to skim milk it is nothing like my blue-ish-white colored drink back in the United States.

Dear La Playa (the beach):  I have been to you four times in the last seven days of being in Barcelona! That is what you get when you put a midwestern girl near the sea!

Dear Economy Class:  Everytime I take a plane that is more than 4 hours long, I make a personal vow to someday either work for a company that let´s me fly business class or have a job that gives me enough money to afford business/first class.  AKA the flight over to Barcelona was cramped, crowded, and full of bland food because I was in your class!


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