Lauren: Turning a new leaf…

September 14, 2011
Well first of all I went whale watching on Sunday. Two of my biggest fears in life are whales and boats and I thought it would be a MARVELOUS idea to combine them both and pay 35 dollars to do it. Although I was pretty much terrified the entire time, I somehow managed to get through it. Mostly because I never saw a whale. I saw a few dolphins and all of my pictures came out as little splashes but in person, they were pretty sweet. I have never seen dolphins in the wild so I was pretty excited about that. The one time a whale was spotted during the 4 hour trip was when I decided it was time for a hot cocoa…. typical. However, my friend Emily was on the deck and she is convinced that there was no whale. So I would like to believe that they lied just so that they wouldnt have to give us our money back…. rude.

On another note, I am taking this great class called “Being Icelandic: Icelandic Folk Tales, Beliefs and Popular Culture Past and Present.” *inhale* We go on field trips almost every week and last Thursday we went to a very interesting settlement exhibition called “Landnámssýningin.” It is a small museum in the center of Reykjavik that was established after they excavated a viking long-house in 2001. It is preserved in it’s original location. It is hard to understand through the pictures I took but in person, it is very cool. There was sort of a back room area where the tour guide digitally reconstructed the house and told us how the houses were made and why they were made that way. Also, we go in for free because it was with a class! That is probably the ONLY free thing I will ever get in Reykjavik!

Alright last part of this post… this week got off to a bad start because I was sick. Everyone who came here pretty much got the same nasty cold and so that was absolutely no fun. But I can feel myself getting better so with my health improving, I have decided that my attitude should as well. If you know anything about me, you know I have an attitude. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s good. But mostly it’s sassy. The past few weeks I have been waivering towards the bad attitude side and I think it is time for a change. I got a nice email from my mother this morning and after some tough love from Luke, I need to quit feeling sorry for myself. It’s been so tough for me to adjust because I LOVE my life at home and this is so different here. My sorority just had recruitment and got 33 new members and I want to be there and meet all of them, school started in Minnesota and I want to be there on a campus I am familiar with with familiar faces, and my sister just got engaged so I want to be in Texas with her flipping through wedding magazines and eating tacos (I can’t even begin to describe the lack of Mexican food here). But the reality of the situation is that I am here. I am here for a reason. I was chosen to have this amazing opportunity to live abroad for a YEAR on a full scholarship! I would be so jealous of someone who told me who had that, right?! I need to quit my bitching and just embrace it. I am here so I need to start BEING here. It may be easier said than done but for right now I am going to try my hardest to stay positive.



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