Jon: The Dead Sea

September 17, 2011

I am struggling to keep my eyes open so bear with me on this post. Today we woke up and had to be at our CIEE office by 8am. There we met up with about 20 other CIEE students and took buses to… the Dead Sea. On our way there our bus driver played a love song CD which all of us in the bus (all guys) found amusing. The CD started right as we were outside of Amman at the top of a hill with “Once… more… you OPENED the door” from Celine Dion. It was pretty epic. We then took a 30 minute bus ride out to the sea and the view along the way was amazing. Imagine seeing miles and miles and miles of hills with random villages, houses, structures, abandoned structures, and Bedouin (shepherds). It was amazing. I tried to take some pictures but really none could do it justice.

Then we finally got to the sea and it was a resort. When we first walked in there were pools, restaurants, and small tourist shops. Then you walk down a level to a family pool and then down a lot of stairs to the beach. They have to keep adding additional stairs because every year the Dead Sea shrinks by a meter. I did take some pictures and uploaded them onto my flicker account (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jlrobertson01/). When we went in it was the weirdest sensation ever. You could feel your body being compressed a bit from the density but then once we couldn’t stand anymore you just floated up. It was a serious effort to stay standing instead of floating on your back or stomach. Later many of us opted for the mud they offer there and lathered ourselves up in that (pictures available at flicker). It is apparently suppose to exfoliate or something though all I got was a little rash reaction to it on my arms and legs. Though it did feel good after.


I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but it was beyond amazing.

Afterwords we stopped at a shop on the way home where everything was made from local Bedouin or handicapped, disabled Jordanians in the area. I bought some soap since I needed some and marked the place down. Might be a good place to get some souvenirs for some people when I come back. Lots of lotions from the Dead Sea and they are suppose to be very good. 

Myself and Brian (roommate) in the pool 2 levels above the beach. Israel is in the background.

Once back in Amman we were all tired and so a group of us stopped and got McDonalds and then went home. (Mcdonalds was good as always).  

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