Sara: Otavalo/Mitad del Mundo

September 19, 2011

This weekend I went to Otavalo which is like a huge marketplace/town where I bought tons of awesome souvenirs and stuff.  I got some really nice Alpaca sweaters which is a great purchase here since the weather is chilly (like 50) in the mornings and then reaches about 70 every afternoon.  I found out will be doing my internship in Otavalo as well in a 24-hour Emergency Room at the Hospital de San Luis de Otavalo.  The city is super pretty and the main population there is indigenous people.  At the market we saw everything from scarfs and headbands to whole pig roasts and herbs you can buy by the pound.  On Sunday I went to Mitad del Mundo (the center of the Earth) which was amazing as well.  We took 2 buses and the Metrobus which is kind of like the light rail but Ecuadorianized. I attached some pictures from Mitad del Mundo to this post check them out!

  IMG_0562 IMG_0568 


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