Thomas: Three weeks

September 19, 2011

Imagine having to completely start over. Imagine being placed in a new city, a city not even located within the same continent. You’ve never been to this place before. People are speaking a different language, one that you don’t understand. They live their lives differently than you have ever lived yours. You move into a new house, on a foreign block, in a foreign neighborhood, within a foreign city, country, continent. You live with a different family, go to a new school or maybe start a new job. You know no one. You must create new friendships, learn how to communicate, how to act, how to live, etc.

What you’re imagining is exactly what I have experienced living in Buenos Aires. In the three weeks I have spent living in here I have thought how strange and unique this whole experience has been. Completely re-starting life after living in another one for slightly over two decades. Strange concept isn’t it?

What a Difference a Few Weeks Make

Today, I went back to the restaurant that I visited my first full day here in Argentina. It just happens to be exactly 3 weeks later, and wow, time has never felt so good. Unlike three Monday’s ago, I found myself comfortable at doing nearly everything. It seems so simple, greeting, sitting down, ordering, eating, asking for your bill, paying and leaving, but in a foreign land, it’s not. And today I realized how uncomfortable I really was that very first day.

There’s really nothing like it.

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