Chelsea: Family = love

September 22, 2011

So, just have to make a special post dedicated to my Ecuadorian family. Today was definitely one of my favorite days here, simply because of time spent with them!

I made breakfast this morning for my family: pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs! They loved the pancakes & syrup I brought as a gift, but I’m not quite sure they understood how to eat them. They ate them with their hands and would pour a little bit of maple syrup (that they called ma-play) on the pancake before taking a bite. I was too amused to correct them.

Today was also my brother Pablo’s 8th birthday! In celebration, a bunch of family members came over to celebrate. It was similar to a US birthday party—with a ton of sweets, blowing out candles on the cake, piñata, etc. So much fun! After everyone left and we cleaned up a confetti explosion, my family helped my brother with his homework in sonicspeed and then proceeded to play games around the house. 

I’m pretty sure we were all majorly wound up on sugar, but it was such a fun night! We played the don’t-let-the-balloon-touch-the-floor game for at least 20 minutes with my dad screaming out things like “now only with your head…now your nose…you foot”, then musical chairs, followed by 20 rounds of hide-and-seek in the dark. I think tonight was definitely the most I’ve laughed since being here! 

Now, looking forward to 2 short days of school (with time off to work on a presentation) and another birthday party on Friday for my brothers’ friends! Bring on the dulces!!


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