Emily: Barcelona weeks 2 & 3 letters

September 23, 2011

Dear Spanish Test: 99% = I dominated you! Enough Said!

Dear Econ History Class: You are going to be an interesting class for the sole purpose of being through a different lens than the “American” lens. In other words, you aren’t constantly asking the question “how does this affect the United States?” Instead, you ask “how does this affect the world?”

Dear Sitges: You are a small(ish) tourist beach town out of Barcelona. CIEE took us to you last weekend, and if I would have not been suffering from sinuses, I would have probably thought you were even more wonderful! Your beaches are beautiful; your community is quaint; and everybody was so laid back!

Dear Cava Tasting: Although unique and tasty, I am not accustomed to having two glasses of cava (Spanish champagne) at 11:00 AM–I think I would plan my next cava tasting in the evening/late afternoon.

Dear Victoria: As my homestay “mother” you have gone above and beyond making me feel comfortable in your house. I am pretty sure my suppers here are much better than anything I would be cooking for myself back at school. PLUS not only do you do my laundry, you change my sheets weekly, AND found me skim milk for my cereal in the morning! I am eternally grateful! 

Dear Bocqueria: You are this amazing market with little stalls selling all of the fruit a fruit-fanatic could imagine, vegetables in every color and shape, fish straight from the Med, fresh cheese, meats, and bread. In other words, you put all farmers markets I have been to in the United States to shame. I am still upset with myself that I have only visited you once since arriving here!

Dear Spaniard Classmates: You don’t understand my obsession with working-out everyday. Don’t worry, neither do my friends back home. 

Dear United States: I still get homesick every once in awhile. However, I have found that letting myself go to Starbuck’s once a week is a good counter-measure. I am happy to report that Tall Skim Chai Lattes and Tall Skinny Caramel Capuccinos taste the same in Spain as they do in the US. On the note of Starbucks–Caribou Coffee, I miss you! Please expand into Europe. 

Dear Upcoming Week: You bring the start of my “real” schedule as all of my classes will have started by next Tuesday. Don’t tell any of my cool friends back home, but I am looking forward to learning again!

Dear Blog: New goal, do better at keeping you updated!


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